Another craigslist find – Paragon Kiln j141

I sold my Paragon kiln a few years ago to a dear friend. I had decided to clean out my studio and wanted to downsize some of my jewelry making equipment and I let me kiln go. Fast forward a few years, I miss enameling! In those few years my jewelry skills had continued to grow as skills do when you continue to work at your craft. Now I was missing my kiln. I didn’t want to invest in a new one so I would occasionally check craigslist to see if someone placed their kiln in the for-sale classifieds. I wasn’t desperate for a kiln, if it was meant to be, great, if not, fine. At the same time, I was looking for a bargain, a steal of a deal, and I found it yesterday. It’s amazing what a $100 can still buy you today if you are patient and persistent.



Yes, this baby! This Paragon kiln was given to the man I purchased it from by a friend and he hoped that he could use it for making those pottery mugs children make at those pottery places. Instead of paying $30 a mug he thought he would try using this kiln. Nothing ever came of it and the kiln just sat in his garage. He was moving and needed to clear things out, and listed the kiln yesterday, which is the same day I decided to check-in with craigslist.

Its larger than my first kiln, larger than what I really need, but thrilled to have it. It appears the original owner used it for lampworking (below).


The kiln came with all the bells and whistles, especially thrilled to have the Pyrometer.



I probably won’t fire this up until after the new year. I want to make sure I set it up correctly and safely and also with good ventilation. If anyone has a kiln in their home studio which is located in the basement without a window, I would love some advice about going about setting it up.

Craigslist can be an awesome place to find expensive jewelry equipment at very reasonably prices. Though, finding something this cheap is is hard to come by.  I am pretty certain that this gentleman was not aware what an expensive piece of equipment this kiln is.

For safety reasons I asked the gentleman to meet me in a public place to make the purchase.  I would not recommend going inside someone’s home, or if you need to enter the home to see the item, don’t go alone:)

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