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Riveting Workshop

This week I spent most my time preparing for a workshop that I will be teaching this weekend-an intro to riveting class. I really enjoy this technique, joining two pieces of metal without the use of a torch. You can practically rivet almost anything together- metal, plexi glass, glass beads to metal, photographs, and more. The possibilities are endless. In this intro class, my goal is to keep it pretty basic, by either joining two pieces of metal or taking a metal component and joining it to a metal shape. Students will be riveting their pieces together with nail rivets, eyelets and nuts and bolts. There’s a lot of material to be covered in four hours, but as I always stress to the students, focus on learning and mastering the technique and not to feel pressured to finish the project.

Next weekend, we (artBLISS) are hosting the marvelous Richard Salley for a three-day workshop. This will be our third time hosting Richard and it’s always such a pleasure. If you know Richard or have taken a class with him, then you already know what a great guy he is and amazing instructor and artist. That same weekend, Reston, VA is hosting the Northern Virginia FineArts Festival, one of the best art festivals in the country. If  you live in the area or fairly close, I highly recommend attending. I know Kathy Frey will be vending for the first time at this festival, and I am hoping to sneak a way and stop by and say hello to her and to see her beautiful jewelry in person. My fingers are crossed it will be a glorious sunny weekend.

Well, I better resume to packing up the class kits for the students. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Cindy on May 13, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Jeanette, your metalwork bracelet is a show-stopper!! You are amazing with wire and metal – I can’t pick a favorite charm, they are all created so precisely. And grouped together they are stunning! I hope the class went well yesterday! 🙂

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