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Rain, rain and more rain……

joannelampworkbeads2It’s a dark, rainy day today. Suppose to rain all day. I love these kind of days, as long they don’t run into several days of rain, them I become somber(my husband would always joke-“nothing chears Jeanette up more than a rainy day). But today, I welcome it. I don’t need to be anywhere today, I don’t need to go out and do errands. I feel cozy just hanging inside, and allowing myself to just slooowww down.
I have been waiting for my silver wire to arrive so that I can start working on a necklace with Joanne Zekowski’s lampwork beads. I knew she was going to be exhibiting at Wire Fest, so I took advantage and purchased A LOT of her lampwork beads. I love the tribal look of her beads and also the texture-she rolls them in baking soda. She doesn’t have a website and you can only purchase her lampwork beads (on-line) through Connie Fox’s website, but they usually sell out before I even have a chance to look at them. I was thrilled to be able to catch-up with her and have the opportunity to look through the hundreds of her beads at her booth and choose the exact beads I would like to purchase.

There are definitely things I need to tend to. With the end of the school year approaching, I want to make a pendant for each of my children’s teachers. My studio is upside down..I must clean it up and organize it.  I am off…


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