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An earlier start on my day & making up for Christmas


I really love it when my husband is able to drop off my daughter at preschool in the morning. Usually, he can’t, early meetings in the office. Though, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when he said “I can take Teagan in today.” Awesome, I can stay in my pajamas a little longer, perhaps have another cup of coffee, get an earlier start on picking up the house, pay some bills…I just seem to get more done with just a little extra time in the mornings. Though, if this became a routine, where my husband was able to take her in every morning, I probably wouldn’t use my time as wisely:) So, it’s better that he can only do this every once in a while.

Tomorrow is my husbands birthday.  Mine was a week ago, he got me a gift certificate at a spa and the kids got me a crock pot. I do not enjoy to cook. Though, I am having fun with the crock pot. I love the idea of throwing everything in a crock pot and let it simmer all day and then have a wonderful dinner in the evening. It was a great gift. For someone who doesnt’ enjoy cooking, I think this is the perfect gift!

Now back to my husbands bday, well, I really owe him from last Christmas. My computer died last November, well, it was hanging on by a thread, and he got me an I MAC for Christmas, and just in time. I was thrilled. What did I get my husband? A salt and pepper shaker! Yup. They were really nice salt and pepper shakers. I had no idea what to get him. I knew that he would love a new flat screen TV, but he’s so picky when it comes to which brand etc. So, surprisng him with a new TV wouldn’t be a good idea. He’s very hard to shop for.

Well, I think I made up for Christmas. I got him something that he will enjoy and he really needs. What is it? Ohhhh, we have to wait until the big day tomorrow.

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  1. Cindy on June 2, 2009 at 10:25 am

    Sorry I didn’t realize it was your birthday last week! What day was it? I know these are nice salt and pepper shakers. You should see what we use. ;-( Can’t wait to find out what his surprise it!

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